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Unseen City

by Amy Shearn
# UT2662 Paperback, 266 pages; 2020
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Meg Rhys is a forty-something librarian, living in her rent-controlled apartment in Brooklyn with her cat, her books—and her sister's ghost. Ever since Kate died in a biking accident years ago, Meg notices things about the city: echoes of the people who came before, reflections of the way things used to be centuries ago. When Ellis Williams arrives in her department at the Brooklyn Central Library, looking for information on a house his family owns—a house he reluctantly admits might be haunted—Meg is fascinated by the tale, and commits to helping him find out the truth. Woven within Meg and Ellis's story is the tale of a Black orphan in Civil War-era NYC, and a glimpse of Weeksville, a neighborhood founded by free African Americans in 1838. A poignant tale exploring how we deal with loss and loneliness, Unseen City is steeped in joy, melancholy, and hope. (SM)
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