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Woman 99

by Greer Macallister
# US3862 Paperback, 368 pages; 2020 (2019)
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Charlotte Smith knows her sister Phoebe is different. Not even finishing school and their mother's iron-fisted demands for propriety can suppress Phoebe's unique spirit—or her spells of depression and mania. When their parents commit Phoebe to Goldengrove, an asylum on the outskirts of San Francisco, Charlotte hatches an outrageous plan: Convince local authorities that she is insane, be admitted to Goldengrove, and rescue Phoebe…all without their parents' knowledge. But inside Goldengrove, naïve Charlotte discovers an unimaginable world, where treatments veer from routine doctor's visits and early-morning hikes to sensory deprivation and physical violence. Worst of all, Charlotte's not the only sane person imprisoned there: Too many of her fellow patients were women committed simply for being "inconvenient" to their families and society. Life in Goldengrove could destroy anyone's mind; will Charlotte lose hers before she can save Phoebe? This captivating historical novel celebrates sisterhood, fortitude…and what happens when women who are underestimated and discarded by the world join forces. (KG)
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