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Goodnight, Veggies

by Diana Murray and Zachariah OHora
# UR7062 Hardcover, 32 pages; 2020
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"Turnips tucked in tightly./Potatoes closing eyes./Tuckered-out tomatoes/ humming lullabies." As the sun sets over a rooftop garden, the veggies settle down to sleep in their warm earthen beds, tuckered out from a busy day of growing. This sweet rhyming tale guides tiny readers on an earthworm-led tour through rows of snoring celery, cranky corn, story-reading rhubarbs, and more, lulling little ones to sleep…and hopefully encouraging them to view real-life vegetables as friendly foods! For ages 3 to 6. Whether they eat their veggies or not, kiddos will definitely be keen on our soft and cuddly Veggie Plushes; choose between Carrot, Eggplant, Leek, or Broccoli, measuring 6¾"-10" tall and suitable for kids of all ages. Book and plushes sold separately.
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