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An Unwanted Guest

by Shari Lapena
# UR5432 Paperback, 290 pages; 2019 (2018)
Currently Unavailable
On a blustery winter evening, ten guests arrive at the picturesque Mitchell's Inn in the Catskills, all seeking a weekend respite…and all grappling with their own private conflicts and dramas. When a blizzard sweeps in during the night, knocking out the power and leaving the roads impassable, the visitors wake to darkness, cold—and the dead body of one of their fellow guests at the foot of the stairs. Did the woman trip and fall in the dark? Or was she pushed? Trapped at the inn by snow and ice, with no way to contact the police or the outside world, the remaining guests struggle to remain calm…until another woman is murdered in her room. Now the stunned survivors face a frightening prospect: Either a killer has snuck into the hotel or one of their own is a murderer. As the hours crawl by, paranoia and suspicion grow, and the question becomes not "when can we go home?" but rather "will we go home?" Check the locks on your doors before you dive into this whodunit!

This book is part of our Mysteries Book a Month 2020 package.

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