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Lock Every Door

by Riley Sager
# UR4762 Hardcover, 368 pages; 2019
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Jules Larsen is desperate. Recently unemployed and permanently broke, she answers an ad to be an apartment sitter, praying the gig will keep a roof over her head long enough for her to find a new job. She can hardly believe her luck when the apartment turns out to be a two-story penthouse in the Bartholomew, one of the toniest buildings on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Jules feels like she's living in a dream—except for the building's unusually strict rules, the strange sounds she hears at all hours, and the apartment sitter downstairs who disappears in the middle of the night. Is the stress finally getting to Jules? Or are the rumors true? Is the Bartholomew haunted, cursed…or worse? Deliciously ominous, this contemporary Gothic mystery explores the chilling dark side of luxury, power, and privilege.

This book is part of our Mysteries Book a Month 2020 package.

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