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The Huntress

by Kate Quinn
# UR4502 Paperback, 530 pages; 2019
No Longer Available
In the wake of World War II, former British war correspondent Ian Graham tracks down Nazis, refusing to allow those that committed atrocities to flee justice in a society all too eager to forget. His primary target is die Jägerin—the Huntress, an infamous and brutal predator who has eluded him for far too long. In a last-chance bid at apprehending the monster, Ian travels to the United States with fellow tracker, Tony, and Nina, his fierce and headstrong estranged wife, who once narrowly escaped the Huntress. Meanwhile, in Boston, seventeen-year-old Jordan McBride is suspicious of her father's new fiancée: Though the woman seems like a harmless German refugee, there's something unsettling about her that Jordan just can't shake. As she delves into the woman's past, she uncovers deadly secrets. This intense and riveting historical novel exposes the lengths at which people will go to survive.

This book is part of our Bas Bleu Book a Month 2020 package.

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