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D-Day Girls

by Sarah Rose
# UR4152 Hardcover, 384 pages; 2019
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Covert operations, daring ambushes, clandestine romances, explosions, prison breaks, all sorts of treachery…this is the stuff of the most exciting spy thrillers—and it's all true! D-Day Girls recounts the extraordinary bravery of the women recruited to join Churchill's secret Special Operations Executive in 1942, when the Allies were losing and the future looked grim. Thirty-nine British women answered the call of their country to infiltrate Nazi-occupied France and help pave the way for the D-Day invasion that would prove the beginning of the German demise. Focusing on three of these courageous, all-but-forgotten heroines, Sarah Rose's meticulously researched narrative puts into breathtaking relief not only how crucial these women were to the outcome of the war, but just how much they sacrificed for the cause.

This book is part of our Bas Bleu Book a Month 2020 package.

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