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Cleopatra's Shadows

by Emily Holleman
# UR4082 Paperback, 344 pages; 2016 (2015)
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Arsinoe, youngest daughter of King Ptolemy of Egypt, is only eight years old when her sister Berenice deposes their father in a coup. Ptolemy flees to Rome with his favorite daughter, Cleopatra, and their mother abandons Arsinoe to save her prized sons. Arsinoe's life is in Berenice's hands: Will the new queen protect her little sister? Or will she view her as a threat to her throne? Based on the true story of Cleopatra's two sisters, overshadowed throughout history by the famous queen, this introspective novel explores the complexity of family ties and female power in a man's world.

This book is part of our Bas Bleu Book a Month 2020 package.

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