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The Only Woman in the Room

by Marie Benedict
# UR3252 Paperback, 254 pages; 2019
No Longer Available
Though the world knows her as a Hollywood film goddess, Hedy Lamarr's greatest legacy is her work on what would become the Wi-Fi technology we rely on today. In this novel, we meet Hedy as a young actress in 1930s Austria, swept off her feet by Fritz Mandl, a powerful arms dealer. But their marriage sours because of his violent jealousy… and his support of the Third Reich. Armed with only her beauty and her wits, Hedy flees to America and launches a career on the silver screen. But as the war rages overseas, she hatches a plan to help save her homeland from the Nazis: using the munitions knowledge gleaned from Mandl and her own scientific research to solve one of the Allies's greatest technological challenges. What a fascinating woman! (KG)
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