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The Spies of Shilling Lane

by Jennifer Ryan
# UR2952 Hardcover, 355 pages; 2019
Currently Unavailable
For the outspoken, overbearing Mrs. Braithwaite, being abandoned by her husband was bad enough. But to be demoted as head of her village's Women's Voluntary Service group? Such indignities cannot be borne! Mrs. Braithwaite promptly decamps to London, where her daughter, Betty, is assisting the war effort by working at the city's sewage works. But when Betty's landlord informs his indomitable visitor that the girl has vanished—and when the sewage works uncovers no record of her employment—Mrs. Braithwaite sets out to rescue Betty from what she's convinced is terrible danger. What follows is the most frightening, unpredictable, transformative experience of Mrs. Braithwaite's life…and an exciting adventure, to boot! Part World War II spy caper, part comedy, part mother-daughter drama, The Spies of Shilling Lane is a delightful novel with enormous heart. (KG)
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