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Madame Fourcade's Secret War

Lynne Olson
# UQ9842 Hardcover, 428 pages; 2019
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POZ 55. Hedgehog. La patronne. During World War II, the leader of France's largest resistance network had many aliases, but only a few allies knew her true identity: Marie-Madeleine Fourcade, a thirtysomething mother of two who upended her privileged life to wage a covert war against Nazi Germany. This sweeping biography transports readers deep into occupied France, where Fourcade's network sabotaged missile sites and U-boat operations and gathered critical intelligence for Allied forces. Doing so required Fourcade to navigate a thorny alliance with Britain's MI6…all while outwitting Vichy officials and the Gestapo, spending years of her life on the run, and shouldering responsibility and grief for every operative lost in the struggle. And her mission did not end on V-E Day: After the war, Fourcade spent decades pressuring bureaucrats to honor the civilian spies who sacrificed their lives to free France, even as her own contributions were downplayed by Charles de Gaulle's government. What a remarkable woman! (KG)
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