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The Pianist From Syria

Aeham Ahmad
# UQ8382 Hardcover, 272 pages; 2019
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I played piano to spite Assad. We countered the bombing attacks with satirical songs. We countered violence with art. I wanted to help the people in my neighborhood, but I had no more lentils to sell.

Amidst the rubble of civil-war-torn Syria, Aeham Ahmad offered desperately needed hope, a glimmer of normalcy and joy, and an empowering voice of protest through the music he played in the streets of Yarmouk. The Pianist from Syria has much to offer: a charming account of Ahmad's childhood under the wise and warm guidance of his blind, Palestinian-refugee father; a staggeringly insightful and personal glimpse of the current devastating crisis in Syria; and the inspiring story of one peaceful soul's struggle to rescue his family from chaos. [Editor's note: Aeham Ahmad's gorgeous album Keys to Friendship is available online and makes the perfect background for reading this poignant and edifying memoir.] (CH)
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