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The Hunting Party

Lucy Foley
# UQ8352 Hardcover, 336 pages; 2019
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When nine old friends get together for a New Year's trip at a remote lodge in the highland wilderness of England, they expect the usual shenanigans: delicious food, a good amount of drinking, maybe just a smidge of illicit drug use (just to keep things from getting too dull), and not much more. Of course, with friends who go this far back, old arguments are sure to resurface, buried grudges exhumed in the close, isolated environment of the snowbound loch. And with this many secrets under one roof, something is bound to come to a head. When one friend is found brutally murdered—strangled and thrown off the bridge by the waterfall—everyone is a suspect, and no one can be trusted. With an eerie, claustrophobic atmosphere and cast of complicated, flawed characters, this gritty thriller will keep you guessing until the end. (SM)
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