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The Inkblots

Damion Searls
# UQ7682 Paperback, 405 pages; 2018 (2017)
No Longer Available

The Rorschach test had prompted Norris to show a side of himself he didn't otherwise let show. He was perfectly aware that he was undergoing an evaluation, for a job he wanted. He knew how he wanted to come across in interviews and what kind of bland answers to give on the other tests. On the Rorschach, his persona broke down.

The Rorschach test is firmly embedded in popular culture, cropping up in films, cartoons, comic books, advertising, even fashion. But what, exactly, is the science behind those ten inkblots? Who invented them? And what can they really tell us? This comprehensive biography delves deep into the life (and mind) of Hermann Rorschach, the artist-turned-psychiatrist who developed the inkblots in the early twentieth century, and examines how the legacy of his innovative test—which has no correct or incorrect answers—spread beyond the psychiatric hospital. Used in job interviews, custody hearings, even at the Nuremberg trials, the Rorschach test is endlessly fascinating! (KG)
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