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Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cook Book: The 1954 American Classic

# UQ7262 Paperback, 256 pages; 2017 (1954)
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Invented by a home economist and an advertiser in 1921, "Betty Crocker" may not have been a real person, but her place in America's culinary pantheon is very real. This facsimile of her classic 1954 cookbook offers a nostalgic look back into mid-century America, when the Baby Boom was in full swing, convenience foods were readily available, and canned-tuna canapés were de rigueur. Organized by meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and "fourth meal" (snacks), Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cook Book includes cute illustrations and vintage photographs. And while modern cooks may blanch at some of the recipes (full o' boloney casserole, beet horse-radish mold), others have held up reasonably well (roast chicken, soft-cooked eggs), offering more than a few classic dishes to veteran home chefs as well as those just finding their way in the kitchen. (KG)
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