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Grammar Lessons Pencils

# UM4579
No Longer Available
Whether you want a convenient reminder of the proper use of "to," "too," and "two," or simply want to flaunt your linguistic superiority, our Grammar Lessons Pencils are handy and humorous tools! These brightly colored pencils feature six different phrases utilizing commonly confused homophones: "It's time for this pencil to do its job," "Too tired to write more than two words," "You're procrastinating on your writing project," "They're writing in their journals over there," "I accept my mistakes - except the ones I can erase," and "Effective writing affects the soul." Gift them to friends and impart some grammatical wisdom, snag them for a kid who could use a bit of extra help keeping his or her words straight - or keep them for yourself for when you're feeling particularly proud of your perfect prose!
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