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Young Elizabeth: The Making of the Queen

Kate Williams
# UK8112 Hardcover, 326 pages; 2015
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You don't need to be a monarchist - or even British - to respect the devotion to duty and country that Queen Elizabeth II has exhibited over the course of her long life. Yet it can be difficult to remember that the unflappable gray-haired queen, in her colorful hats and sensible shoes, was once just a child, with no inkling of the extraordinary turn her life would take when her playboy uncle fell in love with an American divorcée. This thoughtful new biography focuses on the queen as Princess Elizabeth, beginning with her parents' courtship and marriage and continuing through her (surprisingly ordinary) early years and the abdication crisis to World War II, her marriage to Prince Philip, and her ascension to the throne at the tender age of twenty-five. Peppered with political insight as well as amusing anecdotes and heartwarming family stories - the toddler called King George V "Grandpa England" and played "horsey" by leading him around by the beard - Young Elizabeth is an engaging portrait of a remarkable woman. (KG)
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