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Karl Alberg: Suspect, The

L. R. Wright
# UC2432 Paperbacks, 245-261 pages; 2008-2017 (1985-1990)
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A big-city cop who relocates to a small town on Canada's "Sunshine Coast," Karl Alberg—protagonist of these beautifully written and enormously atmospheric novels by L. R. Wright—is a huge favorite with mystery aficionados. Alberg's debut outing, The Suspect (which beat out books by heavy hitters such as Ruth Rendell and Jonathan Kellerman to win the Edgar award for Best Mystery of the Year in 1985) is much less a whodunit than a why-dunit. In Sleep While I Sing, a woman is murdered…yet no one in the small town knows who she is. And in A Chill Rain in January, a woman with a mysterious past runs afoul of a blackmailer. Tinged with an air of delicate, introspective melancholy, this trio of mysteries will send a chill down your spine! (KG)
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