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The Book of Beasties

by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann
# UQ5592 Paperback, 363 pages; 2018
No Longer Available
At Bas Bleu, we've long sought to champion the "odd little book." Well, this may be one of the all-time oddest…and it is so much fun! Celebrating "the ineffable and profoundly loving aspect of the Universe that [animals] can help you connect with," Sarah Seidelmann has created a magical encyclopedia of "beasties." With joyful humor and shamanistic wisdom, Seidelmann captures the unique essence of a wide variety of insects, birds, mammals, and mythical creatures… and helps you interpret the messages each might have for you! "Move quietly among all you adore," encourages the sloth, "sing your own eccentric song," advises the frog; "be an unmistakable beacon," counsels the firefly. Whether a specific animal speaks to your soul or you just enjoy communing with all nature's creatures, The Book of Beasties is sure to inspire and entertain. (CH)
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