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Anne Perry's Christmas Crimes

# D81173
No Longer Available

Starring peripheral characters from her Thomas and Charlotte Pitt or her William and Hester Monk series, Anne Perry's Christmas mysteries take us back to Victorian yuletide. These standalone novels are paired here in omnibus editions, each dramatizing a personal crisis at Christmas while holding out the promise of redemption.

Charlotte Pitt's mother Caroline follows her young husband Joshua Fielding to Whitby—the village where Dracula lands in England—in A Christmas Homecoming. Joshua is producing a stage adaptation of Bram Stoker's sensational novel, with a script by the daughter of millionaire Charles Netheridge. But as wind and snow force them all to shelter in the Netheridge mansion, a black-cloaked stranger emerges from the storm. A Christmas Garland is set in a British garrison after the brutal 1857 Siege of Cawnpore, where Lieutenant Victor Narraway is assigned to "defend" a medical orderly being held as a rebel accomplice. He knows his superiors want a summary conviction, but—inspired by a simple Christmas garland—he sets out to find the truth.

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