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Am I Dying?!

by Christopher Kelly and Marc Eisenberg
# UQ5472 Hardcover, 352 pages; 2018
No Longer Available

AM I DYING?! The answer, of course, is…yes. From the moment you were born! The real question is: Will it be sooner than you had expected?

For the record, reading this book is not a valid alternative to having an annual physical. It is, however, a handy tool to help you decide if you need to call your doctor before that appointment rolls around. In this lighthearted quick-reference guide, cardiologists Christopher Kelly and Marc Eisenberg help readers weed through a multitude of common symptoms to determine when you need to "take a chill pill," when you need to call the doctor, and when you need to make a beeline for the emergency room. Organized by "region"— like head and neck, lady parts and gentleman parts, skin and hair—Am I Dying?! tackles headaches, sore throats, back pain, painful urination, joint and muscle pain, and thirty-five other common ailments. What a great addition to your first-aid kit! (KG)
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