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Meet the Purchasing Analysts

Bas Bleu's editors source and select the items we feature in our catalog and on our website. But our purchasing analysts are the multitasking mavens whose job it is to actually buy those books, note cards, T-shirts, and gifts from hundreds of vendors and get them into our warehouse! They create purchase orders, calculate stock projections, confirm availability, negotiate pricing, and program new items into our inventory software. They also collect "nuts and bolts" product information from manufacturers—What material are these bookends made from? Which magnifications are those reading glasses available in? When will this novel be available in paperback?—so our editors can write informative product descriptions. We're so fortunate to have these amazing women as part of the Bas Bleu family!

Aisha Anderson

Ideal Reading Genre: Contemporary American fiction books that are reality based with strong character stories.

Hobbies (besides reading): Besides chasing around my two little ones? Running, tennis, and making jewelry that only I would wear

Other Jobs I've Had: Merchandiser, Assistant Account Executive for an advertising firm, Associate Buyer for footwear

Secret Talent: I can ice skate, and I have an eidetic memory with numbers

Favorite Indulgence: Raisinets...I have a problem!

Backup Career: Personal shopper/stylist

Courtney Wolfe

Ideal Reading Genre: mom blogs, anything self-help, and currently I'm reading books about potty training

Hobbies (besides reading): spending time with my husband and daughter, going to sporting events, watching reruns of The Office

Other Jobs I've Had: floral clerk, clothing store manager (I’m a pretty good folder!)

Secret Talent: bowling (I own my own bowling shoes and bowling ball so that has to count for something, right?!)

Favorite Indulgence: a nice, relaxing mani/pedi

Backup Career: private investigator

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