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The Last Train to London

by Meg Waite Clayton
# UV5562 Paperback, 480 pages; 2020 (2019)
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As Hitler begins readying his conquest of Europe, Stephan Neuman—the son of a prominent Jewish confectioner in Austria— can feel the noose tightening around Vienna. Soon German soldiers descend on the city, destroying his father's chocolate shop and forcing him into hiding in the labyrinthine tunnels belowground. Stephan must find a way to save his brother and his Christian best friend, whose mother fights for the resistance. Hope appears in the form of a woman known as Tante Truus, who pleads with the wicked Adolf Eichmann to lead the local Jewish children out of Austria and into Britain. Eichmann strikes an impossible bargain: She can have her wish if she manages to find 600 children, but not a single one less. She has until the end of the week. Based on actual events, The Last Train to London vividly captures the beauties of prewar Vienna and the existential menace of Nazism. (BH)
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