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Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide

by Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras
# UV5362 Hardcover, 438 pages; 2021
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Love to cook? Or love to eat but hate to cook? Gastro Obscura is a literary exploration of food history, cultural cuisine, strange eats, and so much more, for the foodie in everyone! This fascinating guidebook is divided by location, so you can peruse fascinating entries about famous eateries in the United States (the Wat Thai market in California is located in a temple parking lot, the Beacon Food Forest in Washington is an edible forest); historical drinks from Europe (The King's Ginger was originally created for King Edward VII by his doctor; donkey milk used to be used for its so-called healing properties); and countless other funny food facts. The book may inspire creative cooking, but some older dishes might be better left on the page…like England's outlawed Penny Licks, a nineteenth-century ice cream treat that came with the risk of contracting tuberculosis! (No rush shipping.) (RR)
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