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The Plague Court Murders

by John Dickson Carr
# UV0832 Paperback, 284 pages; 2020 (1934)
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Plague Court was once the estate of Louis Playge, a seventeenthcentury hangman who died under mysterious circumstances. Now decayed and deserted, the spooky old mansion is said to be haunted by Playge's ghost. The new property owners are determined to hold a vigil to purge the house of its spirits. Psychic and medium Roger Darworth agrees to the task and arranges to be sealed inside a small building on the estate, with the sole door locked from the outside and double-barred from the inside. However, the night of the vigil, Darworth is stabbed to death with a stolen dagger owned by Louis Playge himself. Sir Henry Merrivale, amateur detective, makes his series debut as he's called to investigate this "impossible crime." This reissued 1934 classic is atmospheric and clever with an ending that is thoroughly unexpected. (SB)
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