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How to Tell Stories to Children

by Silke Rose West and Joseph Sarosy
# UV0552 Hardcover, 174 pages; 2021
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When you tell a story, it's you that you are giving to your child—your focus, love, and attention.

Parents/grandparents/childcare providers of all kinds: Deepen your bond with a beloved child, build lifelong memories, and enhance the creative and empathetic powers of everyone involved by learning "the key ingredients for intuitive storytelling" presented in this valuable guide. Written by educators with ample teaching experience and knowledge of contemporary child psychology, How to Tell Stories to Children offers specific techniques and tools that will nurture the natural storyteller inside us all. And the rewards—your child's trust, joy, affection, intellectual engagement, and emotional growth—are among the greatest humankind can strive for! (CH)
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