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Colors in Nature

by Jana Sedláĉková and Ŝtêpánka Sekaninová with illustrations by Magdalena Koneĉná
# UT8632 Hardcover, 31 pages; 2021
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Nature paints with a remarkable palette! Curious kids can explore the seemingly infinite shades of our natural world via this rainbow-hued guide, each page illustrated with birds, flowers, plants, insects, and minerals in one of twelve colors: white, yellow, light brown, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, gray, and black. For example, fans of all things yellow can identify…a sunflower, a nugget of gold, an Atlantic canary, a bumblebee, a baby chick, a citrine, a banana, and more. There's even a page full of color-mixing tips for budding young artists who want to try their hand at painting "nature's wonderful colors" they spy in their own backyards. For ages 6 to 10. (KG)
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