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The Gran Tour: Travels with My Elders

by Ben Aitken
# UT8552 Paperback, 309 pages; 2021
No Longer Available
When British writer Ben Aitken signed up for his first bus holiday, it was the low cost that enticed him, rather than any particular insight or potential experience. But after four days in the company of the other tourists—all at least twice his age—Aitken found there was more to these excursions than just the historic sites and the nightly free drink tickets. Both entertained and enlightened by the words and wisdom of the elderly retirees on board, Aitken embarked on other vacations (to Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and more), immersing himself in the experiences of his elders. In The Gran Tour, Aitken hilariously recounts his exploits—from bingo nights to lessons about life, love, and money— and expounds upon the many ways that we can all grow by simply listening to those with more life experience. (SM)
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