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Christmas Carol at Night Gramophone

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Our Christmas Carol at Night Gramophone from Germany adds a melodious twist to the classic Advent countdown tradition. Each day, from the 1st to the 24th of December, has its very own little 2"-diameter "record"—with lovely Yuletide illustrations—to play on the gramophone. Just move the "arm" over the disc and enjoy a 30- to 40-second snippet of a classic Christmas carol (it repeats until you turn it off ). Some songs are sung in English, while others are sung in German...but you don't need to be bilingual to enjoy the festive tunes! Our Vintage Gramophone Advent Calendar is equally enchanting, with 24 discs playing instrumental excerpts of traditional holiday classics. These unique holiday treasures are sure to delight holiday revelers of all ages! Comes with 3 AAA batteries.
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