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When No One Is Watching

by Alyssa Cole
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Recently divorced Sydney Green returns home to the historically Black Brooklyn neighborhood where she grew up, seeking a fresh start…only to face her mother's ill health, disrespectful gentrifiers who call the police on innocent kids, and predatory real-estate "investors" paving the way for corporate developers. Infuriated but helpless in the face of the rapid changes, Sydney begins digging into local history to distract herself, reluctantly allowing her sexy new neighbor Theo to serve as her research assistant. But when long-time residents abruptly begin selling their homes and moving away in the middle of the night, Sydney becomes suspicious. After she spies alarming similarities between centuries-old neighborhood upheavals and current events, she fears stress is making her paranoid. But as she and Theo continue to connect past and present, a sinister truth is revealed—and this slow-burning novel explodes in a jaw-dropping melee that seems violently far-fetched…if it didn't draw from true events in American history. Award-winning romance novelist Alyssa Cole blazes a new trail with this thriller, and I'm so glad I read it. But take care: It is not for the faint of heart! (KG)
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