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The Scientist and the Psychic: A Son's Exploration of His Mother's Gift

by Christian Smith
# UT7562 Paperback, 320 pages; 2020
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Growing up in the US and Canada in the 1970s, Christian Smith thought having a mother who led seances, saw and interpreted auras, and offered psychic readings to strangers was perfectly normal. Eventually, he began to realize his adored mom, Geraldine, had an unusual gift. Her consistently accurate and extremely detailed extrasensory perceptions—including visions of serial killers' activity she shared with law enforcement—were rather amazing, but ultimately had painful repercussions on her health and relationships, particularly with her son. This page-turning memoir shares the story of how Geraldine became a professional psychic, how her profession (and personality) affected her son, how that son—now a molecular biologist—makes scientific sense of her paranormal abilities, and how they repaired their strained connection as loving mother and child. It's an eye-opening and heart-squeezing read! (CH)
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