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Ancient Skies, Ancient Trees

photograpy by Beth Moon with essays by Jana Grcevich and Clark Strand
# UT6362 Hardcover, 114 pages; 2016
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In our rapidly developing world, it's become increasingly difficult to find a spot far enough away from light pollution to take in the unadulterated beauty of the night sky. Ancient Skies, Ancient Trees saves you the work! When photographer Beth Moon discovered a link between tree growth and cosmic radiation, she set out on a "celestial safari," searching for "the darkest places where the oldest trees grew." The result is this collection of more than fifty spectacular images (five of which unfold to 20½" wide!) of ancient bristlecone pines, junipers, sequoias, oaks, baobabs, and other trees photographed beneath expansive, star-spangled skies in the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Namibia, and Botswana. It's a gorgeous celebration of the natural world. (KG)
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