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The Midnight Library

by Matt Haig
# UT4572 Hardcover, 288 pages; 2020
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"Every book in here, every book in this entire library—except one— is a version of your life….You see, everyone's lives could have ended up an infinite number of ways. These books on the shelves are your life, all starting from the same point in time. Right now. Midnight."

Nora Seed's life is a disappointing series of "what ifs": What if she hadn't abandoned her musical career, gotten cold feet before her wedding, or refused to move to Australia with her best friend? Depressed and lonely, Nora reaches her breaking point the day she loses her job and her beloved cat dies. She makes a desperate choice—only to wake up in a strange library filled with infinite books. A librarian appears and tells Nora she can begin a new life, simply by selecting a book. She's allowed to try on as many lives as she wants until she finds her perfect one. Nora embarks upon an incredible adventure, exploring every dream and erasing every mistake…and yet something is still missing. This poignant, life-affirming novel examines the cost of regret, reminding us it's never too late to begin anew. (KG)
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