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Lost and Wanted

by Nell Freudenberger
# UT4492 Paperback, 336 pages; 2020 (2019)
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Helen Clapp, a professor at MIT and a renowned physicist, hasn't spoken to her best friend, Charlie, in over a year. So when Charlie calls her, Helen is at first surprised, and then angry when Charlie hangs up without speaking. But Helen is even more surprised when she learns Charlie died from complications with lupus—the day before the call. A rational scientist at heart, Helen writes the experience off as a fluke, and begins the process of grieving. When Charlie's husband and young daughter move back to town from Los Angeles, Helen sees it as an opportunity to reconnect with her best friend's life, even if Charlie isn't there to experience it with her. A quiet rumination on life, death, love, and the forces we exert on one another, Lost and Wanted is a poignant portrait of human nature. (SM)
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