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Ex Libris

by Michiko Kakutani and illustrated by Dana Tanamachi
# UT3932 Hardcover, 301 pages; 2020
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Books can connect people across time zones and zip codes, across cultures, national boundaries, and historical eras, and do what education and travel do: expose us to a multiplicity of viewpoints and voices.

In Ex Libris (Latin for "from the books"), Pulitzer Prize- winning literary critic Michiko Kakutani has created an anthology of classics, personal favorites, and nonfiction works relevant to modern technologies and politics, as well as novels and memoirs by contemporary writers. Put simply, it's a collection with no wrong answers to the question "What should I read next?" But more than offering simply a list of must-reads, Kakutani provides insight and context to each recommendation. Enhanced with Dana Tanamachi's intricate illustrations that resemble vintage bookplates, Ex Libris offers an enthusiastic reminder of why we love books and why "reading matters more than ever."
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