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Conversations with Nell: The Discerning World of a Wise and Witty Labrador

by Sara Martin
# UT3732 Hardcover, 208 pages; 2020
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Nell: We love each other.
Me: Best friends.
Nell: We are.
Me: I could cuddle you all day.
Nell: No. There you go again invading my personal space.
Me: Oh dear.

Listen in on Sara Martin and her black lab, Nell, as they discuss the goings-on (both real and fancifully imagined) around their cottage near the sea in Devon, England. Their conversations are warm and funny, and Nell shows endless patience with her hopeless romantic of a human. Plus, there's all sorts of intrigue! Charlie Shepherd, Nell's beau, is an international spy and the whole Devon crew gets caught up in a kidnapping scandal; Stephen Seagull heads up an evil seagull gang called the Beefies; and the Cat lights up a cigarette in the middle of a bridge game ("I'm not having that cat in my reading group," says Nell). Sprinkle in a few very British recipes (scones with jam and clotted cream, cottage pie, Yorkshire pudding…) and this lovely book is pure bliss for imaginative dog lovers! (CH)
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