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The Chocolate Cobweb

by Charlotte Armstrong
# UT3682 Paperback, 242 pages; 2020 (1948)
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Mandy Garth is a young artist who recently discovered a secret about her birth: She was born at the same time as the son of a famous artist. What's more, the hospital mixed the babies up, and for a brief moment the Garths and the Garrisons didn't know which baby was which. Twenty-three years later, questions about the birth story lead Mandy to seek out the Garrisons. Upon their meeting, she witnesses something that makes her believe all is not well in the Garrison household—and that someone is in danger. A true mystery in reverse, Charlotte Armstrong lets readers know right away whodunit and how, but the real suspense is why? And will the murderer get away a second time? Originally published in 1948, The Chocolate Cobweb is a delightful and engaging read! (SB)
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