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"What's the Craic" Shamrock Print

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"A cuppa tay will crown ya," "A face like a bulldog chewing a wasp," "It'll be grand, like," "Broke meself laughin'," "D'ya hear me lookin' at ya"… The Irish command of the English language is thing of beauty, filled with drama, humor, and enough raucous turns of phrase to keep you laughing until next St. Patrick's Day. On our "What's the Craic" Shamrock Print, dozens of Irish sayings are rendered in shades of green and black and arranged in the shape of a shamrock, creating a singular keepsake for Irish-Americans, avid travelers, and language lovers. Designed by a Dublin-born illustrator and imported from Ireland, the matted print measures 12"x16" and fits an A4 frame.
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