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by Forrest Bryant Johnson
# UT2612 Paperback, 238 pages; 2020 (2018)
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When Forrest Bryant Johnson found a kitten injured and trapped in a ravine in the Mojave Desert, he thought it was someone's lost pet. But when the vet told him it was a bobcat kitten that had been attacked by coyotes—and had probably lost its family in the same attack— Johnson couldn't bear to release the tiny creature back into such a harsh wilderness. Instead, he and his wife, Chi, took the kitten in, named him Trooper, and made him part of their family. But raising a bobcat is no easy feat, and for the next nineteen years, the trio's lives were filled with misadventures, learning experiences, and—most important—love. Told with laughter, frustration, and joy, Trooper is a heartwarming story of the bobcat kitten that transformed Johnson's family in the most marvelous of ways. (SM)
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