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The Great Pretender

by Susannah Cahalan
# UT0282 Paperback, 382 pages; 2020 (2019)
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In 1973, Stanford professor/psychologist David Rosenhan published a groundbreaking study in which eight healthy people committed themselves to mental hospitals, where they observed undercover and had to prove themselves sane to be released. The results caused an uproar in the medical community, forever altering our understanding of mental illness. Author Susannah Cahalan, whose own struggle with an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder erroneously landed her in a mental institution, pens a lively and personal investigation into the landmark study, uncovering some shocking long-held secrets along the way. A riveting blend of narrative nonfiction and investigative journalism, The Great Pretender is a fascinating, urgent, and important read. (AG)
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