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How to Speak Chicken

by Melissa Caughey
# US9712 Paperback, 144 pages; 2017
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Author Melissa Caughey originally purchased chickens in order to have fresh eggs every day and to help teach her children about sustainability. But when she slowed down enough to really pay attention to her feathered friends, she realized they were communicating far more than she ever expected. In How to Speak Chicken, she recounts her observations in deciphering the various squawks, tweets, peeps, and trills her chickens make (they even have a "name" call that they use just for her!), and delves into chicken biology and behavior to explain "why your chickens do what they do and say what they say." Whether you have a coop in your backyard or simply admire these feisty fowl, How to Speak Chicken is a fascinating peek into the chicken's mind. (SM)
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