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Every Penguin in the World: A Quest to See Them All

by Charles Bergman
# US8902 Hardcover, 193 pages; 2020
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When photographer Charles Bergman and his wife committed to seeing every species of penguin in the world, they had no idea what the journey would bring. They knew there would be challenges—many species of penguins only inhabit remote, harsh landscapes—and they knew there was always the chance of failure. What they didn't expect was for the experiences to slowly but inevitably impact them in a way that would leave them forever changed, determined to do everything they could to help save these majestic birds. Filled with gorgeous photography and moving accounts of Bergman's encounters, Every Penguin in the World is a both a love letter to penguins and a fierce call to action to save the struggling planet, before it's too late. (SM)
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