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The Serenity Passport: A World Tour of Peaceful Living in Thirty Words

by Megan C. Hayes and illustrated by Amelia Flower
# US6132 Hardcover, 143 pages; 2019
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Despite—or, perhaps, partly because of—the abundance of technology and information available at our fingertips, it's easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and disconnected these days. Via a sprightly examination of "untranslatable" words from different cultures, this hopeful little book offers wisdom from around the world toward achieving a calmer, more balanced way of life. From embracing ayliak, the Bulgarian culture of slowness, and indulging in the Swedish ritual of fika (a midday coffee-and-treat break) to focusing on the Chinese concept of shu (compassion and concern for others) and embracing the optimism of uncertainty with the Indonesian philosophy of belum, thirty different words/concepts are presented along with practical exercises to promote awareness, wellness, relaxation, patience, and the ever-elusive state of serenity. Ahhh… (AG)
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