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by Marina Kemp
# US5832 Hardcover, 358 pages; 2020
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Marguerite is just twenty-five when she accepts a position as a live-in nurse to the notoriously difficult Jérôme Lanvier, abandoning her life in Paris for the quiet village of Saint-Sulpice. Once a powerful tycoon, Jérôme is dying alone in his grand estate, and Marguerite is the latest in a long line of exasperated caregivers. But as Marguerite tends to her duties and contends with the small-town busybodies intent on unearthing her secrets, an unlikely camaraderie blossoms between the young woman and her cantankerous elderly charge. And then his sons come into town, upending their peaceful days, and events are set into motion that will reveal the painful truths that Marguerite and many others in town have been hiding. Set in the lush fields of rural southern France, this engrossing novel beautifully and tenderly explores the complex interplay between love and betrayal, guilt and redemption. (AG)
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