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The Hug

by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar
# US5712 Hardcover, 50 pages (28 per story); 2019
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The sweet story in this double-sided book is actually two stories that share one very happy ending! Tortoise is feeling sad, and only a hug can make him feel better. But no one wants to hug him—not Badger or Rabbit or Frog—on account of his hard shell. Owl reassures him "there's someone for everyone," but Tortoise is doubtful… until he meets someone very special! Flip the book over to meet Hedgehog, who's having a rotten day and could really use a hug. But no one wants to hug him—not Fox or Squirrel or Magpie—on account of his prickly quills. But then he meets someone special…can you guess who? The Hug is a heartwarming reminder that when it comes to friendship, "there's someone for everyone." For ages 3 to 6. (KG)
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