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Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership (2nd Edition)

by Mark Rashid
# US4572 Paperback, 221 pages; 2011 (1993)
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Take it from an expert. This is not a book for skimming. You'll want to keep it on your nightstand, savor every word, and dream sweet, horsey dreams. Who knows? You may wake up a better horseman, and a better person. - from the Foreword by Rick Lamb

You can also take it from an absolute novice (me): This is a lovely, life-enhancing book! Acclaimed horse trainer Mark Rashid affably shares his gentle and effective approach to horsemanship. His uplifting memoir/guidebook is filled with charming stories of individual horses Rashid has worked with over the years, and is suffused with a leadership philosophy—applicable to much more than just horse training—that emphasizes compassion, dependability, and understanding things from the horse's perspective. (CH)
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