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To Me, He Was Just Dad

edited by Joshua David Stein
# US3662 Hardcover, 205 pages; 2020
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John Lennon. Cesar Chavez. Christopher Reeve. Garry Trudeau. What do these men all have in common? They're all famous, and they're all fathers. The men profiled in this collection of essays have all been in the public eye...some (like Leonard Nimoy, Nolan Ryan, and John Wayne) are beloved celebrities, while others (like Saul B. Newton and George Hodel) were only known in infamy. But to the authors of these essays, these larger-than-life men were simply "dad," men who played a role in shaping their childhoods, for good or ill. Each author expounds on his or her father with hindsight, frankness, and tenderness. You'll recognize many of the names within these pages, and may meet a few for the first time, but you'll come away with a new appreciation for fathers everywhere. (SM)
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