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Ireland's Forgotten Past: A History of the Overlooked and Disremembered

by Turtle Bunbury
# US2932 Hardcover, 223 pages; 2020
Currently Unavailable
Ireland's history goes back thousands of years—the earliest documented evidence of human presence there dates back to 10,500 BC—and the countryside is abundant with remnants of civilizations past. Tourist sites capitalize on some of the most stunning and well-preserved ruins, but so much more lies hidden—and forgotten—off the beaten path. From standing stones and ancient roads to crumbling foundations half-concealed beneath the vivid green grasses, Ireland has so much more to share with us—if we only know where to look. Historian Turtle Bunbury leads us on an enchanting tour of the Emerald Isle's more obscure landmarks, and the lesser-known (but still fascinating!) tales behind them. (SM)
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