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#SquadUp Game

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If your Game Night revolves around fierce rivalry, #SquadUp may not be for you. But if teamwork and camaraderie are the name of the game, it's time to squad up! In this collaborative game, all the players are on the same team, racing to beat "the System" by using clues to guess the word printed on the answer card (like tattoo, hibernation, or meatloaf). And the game gets harder with each progressive round: In round one, the Clue Giver can say almost anything to help her teammates guess correctly; in round two, she can only act out the word; in round three, the Clue Giver can offer only a one-word clue. The result? Plenty of frantic, shouting fun…and big cheers for everyone when you win together! For two to ten players, ages 10 and up.
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