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Einstein Eats Eggs

# UQ8646
No Longer Available
This high-speed alliterative guessing game from England will keep you entertained for hours! To play, divide up into teams, place your team's counter on the board, and choose one person to be the describer. The describer picks a card, and must give clues to the rest of the team—without saying any of the words in the phrase—to get them to correctly guess as many alliterative phrases as possible within 90 seconds. For example, if your phrase is "the aliens ate apples," you could say "the space invaders…consumed…Granny Smiths." Collect cards and work your way around the board to be the first team to the finish line! A fun, charades-style game, Einstein Eats Eggs is fast-paced entertainment for the whole family! Four or more players, ages 10 and up. (Imported from the U.K.)
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